Chapter 26: Ethan Joins a Demon And Marko is Confronted by a Shadow Being.

Ethan swallowed his pride, ignored his instincts for self-preservation and asked the creature what it command of him.  Again, Enmerkar demanded that Ethan select a third to join them. “Will you at least tell me what the point of this bloody mission is? I hope it doesn’t involve sacrificing virgins.” “Your master has broken his pact with Ash Shaitan.” “Who is Ash […]

Chapter 25: Inviting The Demon Inside.

Ethan was relieved, when Nadya opened her eyes.  He needed someone to tell him what to do next.  They couldn’t stay inside the circle forever.  Nadya looked up into his face for a few unfocused moments before she became fully aware.  She smiled reassuringly and beckoned for him to lean in closer.  Ethan eagerly obliged. “Oh, thank heavens,” he breathed. […]

Chapter 25: Richard Becomes a Person of Interest.

Richard massaged his throbbing temples.  Tiredness and frustration were causing his mounting irritation to grow into anger.  He could feel himself teetering on the verge of blowing up on the police officer smirking at him.  Earlier, he had used his cell phone to call for an ambulance and notify the police of the shooting as Carl’s mother cried hysterically, draped over her son’s […]

Chapter 24: Finding Power In a Moment of Weakness.

“What are you saying?  You can show me how to do astral projection?  How much does something like that cost?  I don’t have much to spare,” I said cautiously. “Maybe we can work out a barter.” “What kind of barter?  Unless you want me to sweep the place up, I don’t think I’d be very effective working here in the store.  […]

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