Chapter 27: Joshua Finds Thomas in Dire Straits.

Joshua reached his writing goal for the day, saved his work and stood up. He had spent hours fuming over the way Thomas had acted. It distracted him so much that he knew his work was probably riddled with typos. He would definitely have to closely proofread his work but that was a project for the next day. Joshua couldn’t […]

Chapter 27: Getting Backed Into a Corner.

I looked hard at Delilah, but it was impossible tell whether or not she was making fun of me.  She just gazed back at me steadily, her expression unreadable.  I recalled how violated I felt during Delilah’s aggressive probing.  My anemic attempts at reading her didn’t even come close. “Don’t feel bad.  Very few people could penetrate my defenses,” she […]

Chapter 26: Richard Breaks Tragic News to Rachel.

Richard’s footsteps slowed as he got closer to home. The task of informing Rachel about Carl’s condition weighed heavily on his mind. He felt bad enough, without having to rehash the whole traumatic incident again with her. Selfishly, Richard hoped that she was gone for the night. That would at least buy him some time to pull himself together. Maybe […]

Chapter 26: Keeping My Pact With a Ghost.

I got to the airport and spent a few tense hours waiting for my plane, convinced that at any moment, agents would show up and drag me off to jail.  I didn’t breathe easy, until the plane was airborne. More than once, Tammy’s letter found its way into my hands.  Plum had already opened it.  I peeked inside the torn […]

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