Chapter 29: Everyone Wants a Piece of Richard.

Richard and Rachel returned home from the hospital at midnight, crept up to their rooms and crawled into their beds. Carl was still in intensive care but stable for the moment. His mother had been distraught and looking to vent her impotent anger when they arrived. Rachel caught the brunt of it. Richard shook his head, recalling the turbulent scene […]

Chapter 29: Marko on The Brink of Death.

Janet waited for the fear which always seized her in the darkness.  She was surprised, when it never came.  Her sense of calmness prevailed.  She next noticed that sound was somehow more distinct in the darkness.  Janet listened in a detached way to Marko’s ragged breathing.  To her right, Andrea swore as she grappled with the shadow panther.  Having already […]

Chapter 29: Consultation With a Rootworker

The next afternoon, Joshua drove Thomas to a rootworker’s shop. Joshua had mixed feelings about it. Something was clearly very wrong with his friend. Thomas wasn’t sleeping for more than a couple of hours at a time. Besides that, Thomas’ legs were swollen and discolored. Something had to be done. If his doctor couldn’t help him then Joshua was all […]

Chapter 29: I Try My Hand at Interrogation.

I wished I had Delilah’s confidence. One look into Flame’s defiant face and it felt as though questioning her would a pointless exercise in frustration.  All I could sense from her was contempt.  Flame’s anger was like a brick wall.   She clearly hadn’t forgiven me. To make matters worse, that was only part of the problem.  Flame had never liked […]

Chapter 28: Delilah Shows Me The Ropes.

Delilah looked at me calmly, “So what are you gonna do about Flame?” I opened my mouth and closed it again, shaking my head wearily.  A dull pinpoint of pain was forming between my eyes, “I’m so tired, I can’t even think straight.  What I want is for all this to go away.  I used to pray for my life […]

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