Chapter 31: Bittersweet Memories

Richard returned home lost in thought, busy sifting through memories of his former partner and past in law enforcement. The passage of time had taken some of the edge off, allowing him to remember with less pain. He wanted very much to believe that their friendship was real. That was what worried him. Whenever Richard wanted something badly, desire tended […]

Chapter 31: Battle Magic

Delilah briefly looked away, just as Plum cast a spell in her direction.  My legs were moving before the thought of possible danger to me even registered.  I tackled Delilah, bringing her to the ground, seconds before the full force of Plum’s attack reached us.  It caved in the spot on the wall previously occupied by Delilah’s head.  We looked up […]

Chapter 30: Spiritual Channeling

Delilah cracked her knuckles and leaned forward, placing elbows onto knees.  Flame watched her impassively.  I sensed her bracing herself. “First things first Flame.  Does Plum know where Patricia is yet?” “Not exactly,” Flame murmured. “I see, so she knows Patricia is in New York but not exactly where she is.  Interesting.  Patricia, you described Flame as a lap dog. Why is […]

Chapter 30: Demon Enmerkar and The Power of Three.

Ethan wasn’t sure he liked the worshipful way that Dorian was gazing at Enmerkar.  Dorian owed Ethan just as much gratitude, if not more.  After all, he never would have met the demon if Ethan hadn’t brought them together. It was important that Dorian remember that, because he was going to be Ethan’s Plan B, if things went south.  People were […]

Chapter 30: Richard Goes Another Round With Officer Foster.

Richard awoke with a jolt. He didn’t even recall falling asleep. It was early evening. Time to get down to the police station. The last thing Richard wanted to do was to give that Foster bastard an excuse to roll up in front of his house with his siren blaring and dome lights flashing. He shuddered to think what the […]

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