Chapter 32: Spirit Possession

I followed Delilah up from the basement and emerged into the hallway.  The throbbing bass of the club music was like a jolt back into reality.  It was a relief to leave behind the eerie dimness of the building’s nether regions with its inky pools of darkness and long shadows. Down there, everything seemed a bit sinister. Back upstairs, everything […]

Chapter 32: Magic Elixir

Marko felt a tickle at the back of his throat and coughed involuntarily.  He swallowed and the tickle came on stronger the second time.  The coughing didn’t stop.  Marko found it difficult to catch his breath.  He was dimly aware that Janet was asking him if he was okay.  Marko tried to answer and succeeded only in coughing more forcefully. He fought […]

Chapter 31: The Tyranny of Demon Enmerkar

Ethan was struck by the absurdity of Dorian cowering as Nadya’s petite frame stood over him. Hysterical laughter suddenly bubbled up inside of him until he couldn’t contain it. The more Ethan thought about the outrageous things he had seen and experienced in the space of a few days, the harder he laughed. His world had been turned upside down […]

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