Chapter 33: All Seeing Eye

Ethan wondered how long Enmerkar would keep him and Dorian holed up in the old school. The demon had proven to be secretive and suspicious of them.  Enmerkar kept Ethan and Dorian on a short leash, even when they ventured out for something to eat. Ethan was beginning to feel like a hostage.  He spent as much time alone, prowling through the building, as Enmerkar […]

Chapter 33: Hostile Takeover

When Plum’s essence flowed into me, my senses were thrown into such a state of flux, that I went into shock. She quickly took control. In my confused state, I initially offered no resistance.  There are always those first few seconds, after something inexplicable happens, when you can’t quite believe it’s real. I had no frame of reference for what was […]

Chapter 33: Following Orders

Harriet left Reverend Mother’s house and walked two blocks to the car that she had requested from Ryker when he issued his latest order. It was important that no one knew she was using the car. If anyone should come looking for her or try to place her at the scene of some…unfortunate incident, then the last thing she wanted […]

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