Chapter 37: Fatal Palm Reading

Andrea stared blankly at Marko, stifling a yawn.  Seeing the fear in his eyes brought her fully awake with a jolt.  A second scream reverberated inside his head, drowning out Andrea’s words.  His left hand suddenly felt as though it was on fire.  He quickly brought her up to speed.  They had slept in their clothes and only needed to […]

Chapter 37: Cursed

The family meeting had been productive.  They were all in agreement that their little investigation had unearthed some important facts.  Even though at the moment, the significance of those facts escaped them.  Like the outer pieces of a puzzle, they still needed to fill in the details in order to get the big picture. Joshua had requested that Richard ask […]

Chapter 37: Things Take an Unexpected Turn.

Delilah had cobbled together outfits from her own closet and packed all but one in a duffel bag for me. I was grateful to have changes of clothes. She left the room so that I could get dressed. “How nice,” I said aloud. Plum’s skeptical voice sounded in my head, “Yes it is nice isn’t it? A little too nice […]

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