Chapter 40: Change of Plans

“What do we do,” asked Janet. “I know what I would do, but that’s not feasible with you two. We’d better get going. If we keep moving, then there’s less of a chance that the others will catch up with us. It’s harder to nail down a moving target.” “Wait a minute, I want to hear what you would do,” […]

Chapter 40: Plum Repels a Sneak Attack.

The group reached an agreement. Plum disguised as Ross would accompany us on our journey, with the promise of a payoff when we reached our destination. She terminated the binding spell, releasing me and the trapped dancer. We were about to leave, when Delilah discovered that one of her dancers was still unconscious from the ricochet of the spell she […]

Chapter 40: The Return of Samentha.

Harriet tossed and turned in her bed. She had been awake most of the night, unable to stem the flow of tumultuous thoughts racing through her mind. Stryker’s demands were wearing her down. Unless Harriet found a way out, her luck would run out and he would have her killed. That thought had robbed her of much sleep over the […]

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