Chapter 43: Temptation

Ethan smiled invitingly at Andrea.  She took another step back.  Perhaps it was a trick of the dim light, but something unpleasant appeared to be lurking behind his expression.  It was less a smile than baring his teeth.  Andrea realized that her nerves were still on edge after the melee in the church, but she did not want to dismiss […]

Chapter 43: The Gloves Come Off.

Reverend Mother was so experienced with the spirit whistle, she could tell from Harriet’s body language the moment that Samentha took the reins of Harriet’s consciousness.  By the time the nursing home staff came bursting through the door, Samentha had already seated Harriet’s body comfortably next to Reverend Mother’s bed.  The two of them feigned ignorance about the shrill noise.  […]

Chapter 43: Enemy Territory

The rest of the trip to Plum’s house is a blur of uncomfortable silences punctuated by Delilah’s complaints and sarcastic retorts.  In the end, she was banished to the rear of the van.  I took her place in the driver’ seat and found it difficult to drive with her staring daggers into the back of my head.  Despite the fact […]

Chapter 42: Cornered and Outnumbered

Opening the hatch in the floor unfurled a ladder.  They clambered down and the warriors hurriedly led them down a dark, narrow hallway below ground.  The bleached stone walls reminded Janet of a medieval dungeon.  She felt the chill in the air and wondered where they were being taken.  All Janet could see ahead was a doorway’s dim outline at […]

Chapter 42: Poltergeist Rampage

I placed a restraining hand on Plum’s arm, unable to believe that she was just going to walk towards the cyclone of ectoplasmic energy empty-handed.  Beastie was walking a few paces behind us.  He looked up and paused, patiently waiting for us to start walking. “What are you doing?” “What does it look like I’m doing darling?  I have to […]

Chapter 42: Spirit Whistle

Harriet wanted to come up with a convincing excuse to get out of visiting Reverend Mother. The last thing she felt up to was being lectured or cross-examined. On the other hand, the longer she put off visiting, the angrier her mother would be. Harriet thought about her fight with Joshua and groaned. She needed to go see their mother […]

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