Psychic Attack

A psychic attack is a supernatural assault which causes physical or mental distress, injury, illness, or death to befall someone. The psychic attack is launched by a sorcerer, spirit, demon, or thought-form. The most common symptom of a psychic attack is the sensation of paralysis and crushing weight on the chest. The victim may have a nightmare, see an entity, hear noises, or smell vile odors. He/she may incur bruises in an astral attack. The moon is said to impact psychic forces. Consequently, psychic attacks are most effective during the waning moon, especially during a new moon (Guiley).

A psychic attack occurs when evil intent is directed at individuals. In order for the thoughts to have an effect upon the intended victim, there must be within the targeted person’s aura matter capable of responding sympathetically to the vibrational energy of the evil thoughts. Otherwise, the attack is repelled and the evil intention is flung back to the sender (Besant & Leadbetter).

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