A thought-form is a nonphysical entity which is created mentally. Every thought generates vibrations in the aura’s mental body, which assumes a floating form with colors related to the nature and intensity of the thought. Thought-forms can be seen by clairvoyants and sensed on an intuitive level by others. Thought-forms radiate out into the astral plane and attract sympathetic essences (Guiley).

Each focused thought produces a double effect; a radiating vibration and floating form. The thought itself appears first to clairvoyant sight as a vibration in the mental body. The second effect of thought is the creation of a definite form. This elemental essence is half-intelligent. Once animated, it responds very readily to the influence of human thought and every impulse sent out either from the mental body or from the astral body. Thought-forms directed towards others either impact the aura of the targeted person or are deflected by their aura (Besant & Leadbeater).

Thought-forms occur spontaneously, when a group of people concentrate on the same thing. In magic, thought-forms (also called artificial elementals) are created via a ritual involving intense concentration, repetition, and visualization They can be directed at others to protect, heal, or harm as in a psychic attack. Thought-forms can also be created to perform menial tasks (Guiley).

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