Chapter 45: Plum Lashes Out

Flame wrote furiously for several pages and then her hand slowed to a stop. I could tell that she was having second thoughts about being so helpful. Her left hand curled into a fist. Plum saw this and dug the fingers of both hands into Flame’s shoulders. A failed attempt to wrench free of the vise-like grip subdued her. When […]

Chapter 45: Hot on a Traitor’s Trail

Unwilling to relinquish his self-appointed role as leader of the group, Robert suddenly became enraged and yelled, “your laundry list of tasks sounds like a bunch of busy work designed to make us feel as though we’re achieving something when all we’re doing is wasting time! I have been in Mukesh’s office a dozen times for meetings. There is nothing […]

Chapter 45: Samentha Comes Out Swinging

Samentha allowed Anitra to drop heavily to the kitchen floor and pulled Anitra’s cellphone from her limp grasp. She skimmed over the text message reply that her friend was in the process of typing to someone named Lamont. She had already sent a message saying that she had one on the hook for him to reel in. What did that […]

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