Chapter 3: Unprovoked Attack

Cat’s mother had described her completely different from what Marcus recalled. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to figure out which one of them was correct. The best way to figure out what makes a person tick is to get a look at what they were like behind closed doors. He owed part of his success […]

Chapter 3: Dirty Tricks

Detective Blackhorse took his time surveying the crime scene, attempting to mentally reconstruct the murders. An hour later, he felt that nothing more could be gleaned onsite. His back was beginning to ache from bending over and the sun was beginning to go down. Blackhorse stood and stretched, before returning to his vehicle. Behind the wheel, he turned the key […]

Chapter 49: Nasty Surprise

Nicole out having drinks with friends, when the head of homeowner’s association in her subdivision phoned.  She looked down at her screen and frowned, not understanding why he was calling in the middle of the night. Probably some nonsense about the height of her bushes or something. Nicole decided that whatever it was could wait.  She ignored the call.  Her phone […]

Chapter 49: Suspicious Circumstances

Andrea’s expression remained unchanged, in the face of Officer Palin’s accusations. Beneath the table, her hands were anxiously clenched together. Andrea’s mind was running in panicked circles. Agreeing to this interview had been a mistake. Why had she given in to pressure from her sister and Marko? Officer Palin had it out for her. He wouldn’t rest, until she was […]

Chapter 2: Ear to The Streets

Officer Palin left the victim’s home and returned to his cruiser. The crime scene technicians were still inside, but he wanted to get a jump start on his investigation. With the exception of blood pooling into carpet, the victim’s house was undisturbed. Palin had not seen any footprints, fingerprints or telltale smears of blood. So, he didn’t hold out much […]

Chapter 2: Evenly Matched

Dylan Maxwell was a certifiable ladies man. He didn’t have to exert much effort, to draw them to him. Even his competitors couldn’t help being impressed by the ease with which Dylan pulled the most aloof beauties. Reverentially, they would ask, “what’s your secret man?” Despite the fact that women loved him and men admired him, Dylan wasn’t really a […]

Chapter 2: The Truth Comes Out

Marcus was in his office typing up a surveillance report for another client, when the phone rang.  He answered without taking his eyes off of his computer screen.  The sultry voice immediately grabbed his full attention. “Are you that bounty hunter whose been asking questions about my daughter,” it purred. “Who is your daughter?” “Her name is Cat.” “Yes, I’m […]

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