Chapter 48: A Reunion of Sorts

Janet and Andrea were finishing their meals, when Officer Palin arrived. Due to law enforcement’s longstanding partnership with the Doorkeepers on all things magic, he was the officer in charge of any investigations involving the organization. In short order, Robert’s body was bagged, carted off to the medical examiner’s office and Palin commenced with witness interviews. Marko finished his interview […]

Chapter 48: Unpleasant Truths

Plum and the rest of the coven were exhausted, after they magicked the bodies into the ground. I didn’t want to bother her, but the events of the night had really disturbed me. Knowing Plum, her mood would affect the quality of her answers. So, I couldn’t just go up to her on the spur of the moment and start […]

Chapter 1: Taken

Red-hot throbbing in Deidra Smith’s wrists morphed her dreamless slumber into a nightmare of anguish. She awoke to find both wrists and ankles bound above her head. She was on her feet restrained at the ankles. A chill in the air wracked her nude body with shivers. Confused, Diedra attempted to lower her arms to cover herself and succeeded only […]

Chapter 48: Phase Two

Samentha handed the drugs from the stash house off to Thomas with instructions for him to notify her the minute, he had them planted in Nicole’s basement. It took quite a bit of convincing, but he had  reluctantly agreed to do it. Now, all Samentha could do was wait and pray that he didn’t lose his nerve or get caught. […]

Chapter 1: The First Sign of Trouble

Police Officer Palin was patrolling the city of south St. Louis Missouri, when the 10-100 call came across the two-way radio. As he was closest to the scene, Officer Palin made his way to the Hill neighborhood. It wasn’t hard to locate the a newly built half million dollar, boxy modern house with floor to ceiling wraparound windows. All the […]

Chapter 1: In The Beginning

Dylan Maxwell had the world figured out at an early age.  His life lessons began shortly after his crack addicted mother Evelyn Maxwell had given birth to him on the filthy floor of a gas station bathroom.  She took him home, handed him off to his grandmother and hightailed it back out to the streets to scrounge up cash for […]

Chapter 1: A Friend in Need

The call came at three o’clock in the morning, from Marcus Abara’s old college roommate Chester Wilson.  Marcus was roused from the deep, dreamless sleep of the hungover by his cellphone’s insistent bleating. Ordinarily, Marcus took offense at people who called him at odd hours.  But he knew it would never even occur to Chester that it was rude.  He […]

Chapter 47: Sage Steps In

Everyone was drawn in to the fight with the flaming jinn, focused on it’s rapidly redoubling efforts to break through the Doorkeeper’s defenses. Unobserved, Sage arose from his sick bed, grabbed a wand from the drawer of his nightstand, retrieved a blown glass globe from a shelf in his office, and laboriously made his way out to join the fray. […]

Chapter 47: Samentha Executes Phase One

Samentha left Thomas’ apartment and climbed back in her car, lost in thought. He had only been marginally helpful, but then she expected as much. There wasn’t enough time for fact checking, so she hoped what he did share was accurate. Samentha had to move quickly, before he lost his nerve. In order for her plan to work, she need […]

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