Chapter 4: Snap Decision

Dylan sat gazing down at Rosa, pleading with her not to die. If she would just hang on, he could get help. Then, everything would be okay. They’d get back together. That other woman meant nothing to him. He loved Rosa. His pleas fell on deaf ears, as the light slowly died out of her eyes. Even after she was […]

Chapter 6: Terrible Choice

Cold water dashed in Deidra’s unconscious face, soaking her clothes. She came to coughing and sputtering, her vision swimming into focus on Heather’s laughing face. For a few merciful seconds, Deidra had forgotten what transpired. Then she regained all senses and the memory came flooding back. With an anguished cry, Deidra struggled to her feet, determined to help her friend. […]

Chapter 6: Lack of Evidence

Detective Blackhorse remained unbothered by Officer Schneider’s dirty looks. Without missing a beat he said, “I came to see the crime scene photos and the evidence you collected at the scene.” “It’s down in the evidence room,” spat Schneider. He reared back in his seat with arms crossed, making no move to show Blackhorse the way. No matter, the precinct […]

Chapter 53: Upside Down

Both paramedics passed the sitting room with an empty stretcher, walking it out to the ambulance. The siblings saw this and looked to one another uncomprehendingly. Rachel smiled nervously. “Look at that, mama didn’t even need to go to the hospital. They must have gotten her stabilized. I guess it was just a false alarm.” Joshua and Richard brightened. That […]

Chapter 53: Search Parties

The warrior put Janet and Andrea into a search party with Marko and the physician. They were assigned to check the basement. Andrea took offense to the assignment and complained loudly, as the group trooped down the steps. “You know why they gave us this crappy assignment. It’s because they don’t think we know what we’re doing. Can you believe […]

Chapter 52: Blindsided

Reverend Mother’s children were not allowed to see her, after she went into respiratory arrest. Huddled together in the hallway outside of her room, they caught only glimpses of the nursing home staff trying desperately to revive her, each time the door opened and one of them rushed in or out. Rachel attempted to intercept and question several of them. […]

Chapter 52: Marked For Death

I tried to free myself, but Aki just tightened his grip, dragged me over to a table in the corner, and forced me into a chair. Hiromi left the room. She returned carrying a long wooden box with strange swirling symbols burned into the lid. Not knowing what to expect escalated my anxiety. I pushed back my seat and stood […]

Chapter 52: Security Breach

Marko slammed the cadaver drawer shut and stalked out of the room. The sisters followed him down the hall, watching him go from door to door twisting the handles. Most were locked. A few opened and Marko spent a hurried moment checking the room. “What are you doing,” asked Janet. “I’m looking for the physician. Hopefully, you’re right and they […]

Chapter 5: Unprovoked Attack

The group sat staring in abject horror at the speed at which the winged creature flew out over their heads and dove towards Jim. It felt surreal to Deidra. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the hideous creature, taking in the massive wingspan of the veined dun colored leathery wings. The woman on the bench beside her shrieked, momentarily […]

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