Chapter 4: Inner Sanctum

By the light of day, Cat’s apartment looked harmless. Marcus stood in living room for a few moments, taking in the atmosphere.  The understated elegance of the place was a little surprising.  From the way Aria had characterized Cat, Marcus half expected the place to be garish.  He moved through the tastefully appointed living room taking in the gothic accents.  […]

Chapter 4: First Encounter

Detective Blackhorse climbed back into his car. Hunger had him scrounging around for something to eat. His dinner consisted of a half-eaten sub sandwich from lunch, a bag of plain potato chips and the remains of an open can of flat soda. Every time he tried to think about the murder investigation, his thoughts strayed back to the way Officer […]

Chapter 50: Unforeseen Circumstances

Andrea leaned back in the armchair, closed her eyes and concentrated on slowing her breathing. Palin had just pulled the rug out from under her, with that onslaught of questions and accusations. Up until then, Andrea was under the impression that her arrangement with Jagathy meant there would be no investigation. Now, she knew that it had actually done nothing […]

Chapter 50: Fallout

The morning after the fire, Reverend Mother called home three times. Samentha avoided the calls. Now that the job was done, Reverend Mother was most likely attempting to get her to visit so she could use the spirit whistle to force Samentha back into the recesses of Harriet’s mind. No good deed went unpunished. The reward for Samentha’s hard work […]

Chapter 50: Out of My Mind

After Delilah admitted defeat and turned to leave, I stood watching with my heart galloping and chest heaving. Her posture may have been defeated, but anger still simmered in those dark brown eyes. Understanding for the first time where we stood, made watching my back around her a necessity. Part of me was hoping that she would attack again, so […]

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