Chapter 55: Hexed

So there I was, pinned to the floor with a mortal wound in my back. A fatal amount of blood quickly soaked through my shirt and began pooling on the floor. I felt its sticky warmth oozing between my cheek and the floor. Before long, I went into shock and my vital organs began shutting down. Fear drove me to […]

Chapter 55: The Ultimatum

It had been an exhausting afternoon filled with hard truths and tough decisions.  Dealing with Rachel’s drama had aggravated Joshua, but it also enabled him to put off dealing with his immense sense of loss. On the drive back to the nursing home, reality abruptly intruded on his thoughts.  Joshua pulled into the nearest spot on a grocery store parking […]

Chapter 6: The Spider in the Web

Detective Eduardo Hector started his day down at the riverfront. As the newest and only Spanish speaking member of the St. Louis, Missouri Occult Crimes Taskforce, he had been assigned the Liam Anderson murder investigation. The crime had taken place in South St. Louis City, where a large part of the population is Hispanic. After a string of gang related […]

Chapter 7: Pulling at Threads

The idea of ducking out of the summer heat for a mid-afternoon nap between cool sheets in an air-conditioned motel room was very inviting.  However, Blackhorse was determined to make some headway on the case, by nightfall.  He decided to see how many people on the list he could contact and interview.  One good interview could set him on the […]

Chapter 54: Tag Team

Marko turned and looked at the physician saying, “I see the possessed seeker. We’re gonna have to take him unaware.” “Why are you looking at me,” asked the physician nervously. “I need your help.” “But…but, I’m not a warrior,” blurted the physician. “I’m not asking you to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Just help out while I exorcise the demon.” “I’ll […]

Chapter 6: Courtesy Call

Back at his office, Marcus made quick work of tracing the shapeshifter’s license plate. Apparently, the vehicle was registered to Travis Shaw. Not knowing what to expect, Marcus tucked a few tools into his pockets. His secretary Davina was just about to bring him a stack of papers to sign, when he strode out of his office and past her […]

Chapter 5: A Tangled Web

“How would I find out about these auctions,” Officer Palin asked again. “I wouldn’t know, I’m not a big enough fish to ever get invited. Why don’t you ask Carter?” “How would Liam’s husband know?” The smug expression swam back onto Nathaniel’s face. He looked challengingly at Palin and folded both across his chest. “Did you even question Carter? You […]

Chapter 7: Changeling

Deidra was surprised to learn that her assignment wasn’t over. Caitlyn said only that she would need help, when she returned. Deidra busied herself straightening up the room and cleaning the bathroom. Vincent dropped off a bologna sandwich, carrot sticks and bottled water for Deidra. She finished her dinner and used her fingers to gather up all of the crumbs. […]

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