Chapter 11: Sickening Realization

Dylan reflexively reached out to banish the bloody ear from his sight with a flush of the toilet. His hand was arrested in mid-air, by the realization that he recognized the earring still adorning the tiny lobe. His neighbor Rhonda had a pair of ladybug earrings just like that, which she wore all of the time. So, was that her […]

Chapter 9: Bloody Omen

It was morning when Dylan came to, still sprawled on the floor. He opened bleary eyes and lay motionless for several moments staring up at the ceiling. His head was pounding, but his mind was blank. What happened last night? The last thing Dylan recalled was standing by the window and watching the cops leave. He sat up slowly, trying […]

Chapter 8: Between Rock and Hard Place

By the time the police officers finally left, Dylan was mentally exhausted. Forcing himself to remain outwardly calm had meant constantly pushing to the back of his mind, unbidden flashbacks of Rosa crashing through his coffee table. One minute, she was full of passion and the next Dylan was watching the life drain out of her impaled body. He still […]

Chapter 7: Too Close For Comfort

Dylan did not follow the police officers around his apartment. Hovering around might make him seem suspicious. Instead, he nonchalantly sat on the living room couch. Rosa had died in there. Whatever Officer Hightower and Officer Davies found in the other rooms would be inconsequential. Dylan’s eyes ceaselessly scanned the room, while the officers were occupied elsewhere. Surely, he had […]

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