Chapter 49:  Backed Into a Corner

Plum left for the meeting with her new coven in tow and the house fell silent. The peace and quiet was nice at first. But with no one to distract me, flashbacks of the previous night began to niggle me. It might have been my overactive imagination, but there seemed to be an air of doom and gloom lingering in […]

Chapter 48: Unpleasant Truths

Plum and the rest of the coven were exhausted, after they magicked the bodies into the ground. I didn’t want to bother her, but the events of the night had really disturbed me. Knowing Plum, her mood would affect the quality of her answers. So, I couldn’t just go up to her on the spur of the moment and start […]

Chapter 47: Evil Intent

I felt a distinct chill in the air, as the shadows crowded in around us. Being surrounded by the souls of the recently deceased was eerie. They had no features, no discernable expression, yet their malevolent intent was palpable. I kept my eyes on Plum, finding it unnerving to look at the entities. It’s hard to put into words, looking […]

Chapter 46: Marshalling The Troops

I looked on in bewildered disgust at the sight of Plum standing there with a necklace of woven human hair around her neck. She saw the revulsion on my face and grinned broadly. I glared at her, seeing nothing funny about it. Plum raised an eyebrow sarcastically and turned her back on me, speaking to the others. “Now then, which […]

Chapter 45: Plum Lashes Out

Flame wrote furiously for several pages and then her hand slowed to a stop. I could tell that she was having second thoughts about being so helpful. Her left hand curled into a fist. Plum saw this and dug the fingers of both hands into Flame’s shoulders. A failed attempt to wrench free of the vise-like grip subdued her. When […]

Chapter 44: Plum Fights Dirty

Conroy led us down the hall, to my old room which overlooked the backyard.  There was a chair outside the room, to the left of the door.  I assumed that was his post. As soon as the door closed behind him, Plum looked around and removed a mirror from the wall over the dresser.  She walked over to the window, […]

Chapter 43: Enemy Territory

The rest of the trip to Plum’s house is a blur of uncomfortable silences punctuated by Delilah’s complaints and sarcastic retorts.  In the end, she was banished to the rear of the van.  I took her place in the driver’ seat and found it difficult to drive with her staring daggers into the back of my head.  Despite the fact […]

Chapter 42: Poltergeist Rampage

I placed a restraining hand on Plum’s arm, unable to believe that she was just going to walk towards the cyclone of ectoplasmic energy empty-handed.  Beastie was walking a few paces behind us.  He looked up and paused, patiently waiting for us to start walking. “What are you doing?” “What does it look like I’m doing darling?  I have to […]

Chapter 41: Let The Magic Circle be Unbroken.

Plum directed Delilah to a site across town. When she finally told her to pull over, everyone looked around in bewildered silence. Plum smiled broadly. “Well come on then. What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation to the battle?  Everyone get out. Let’s get this show on the road.” Delilah looked at her sideways, “Where exactly are we going? […]

Chapter 40: Plum Repels a Sneak Attack.

The group reached an agreement. Plum disguised as Ross would accompany us on our journey, with the promise of a payoff when we reached our destination. She terminated the binding spell, releasing me and the trapped dancer. We were about to leave, when Delilah discovered that one of her dancers was still unconscious from the ricochet of the spell she […]

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