Chapter 56: Wrongfully Accused

Plum left me alone, so that I could rest, with a promise to send up a dinner tray. She admonished me to eat everything, because I needed my strength. I was sound asleep, before the door closed behind her. What felt like a moment later, a nudge awakened me. Thinking that Plum had forgotten something, I opened my eyes expecting […]

Chapter 54: Unintended Betrayal

I tried to warn Plum and only managed a strangled sort of yelp.  It was enough to draw her attention.  She paused in the act of checking her makeup, gazing at me curiously. Her lips were moving, but her words were blotted out by a sudden roaring in my ears.  I rushed at her, dagger poised to strike, before she […]

Chapter 53: Suicide Mission

I came to on the taxi ride back to Plum’s house, with no memory of how I had gotten there. Any attempt to recall anything brought on a confusing jumble of images and sensations. It was a relief to just sit back and allow my mind to go blank. I didn’t find the emptiness strange, attributing it to exhaustion. From […]

Chapter 52: Marked For Death

I tried to free myself, but Aki just tightened his grip, dragged me over to a table in the corner, and forced me into a chair. Hiromi left the room. She returned carrying a long wooden box with strange swirling symbols burned into the lid. Not knowing what to expect escalated my anxiety. I pushed back my seat and stood […]

Chapter 51: The Tables Turn

I don’t recall much of what happened while I gazed at that painting. It all kind of runs together. What does stand out in my mind was the way Hiromi rifled through my pockets and purse, while the enchantment held me captivated. I realized that she had no intention of keeping her end of our bargain. She, like everyone else […]

Chapter 50: Out of My Mind

After Delilah admitted defeat and turned to leave, I stood watching with my heart galloping and chest heaving. Her posture may have been defeated, but anger still simmered in those dark brown eyes. Understanding for the first time where we stood, made watching my back around her a necessity. Part of me was hoping that she would attack again, so […]

Chapter 49:  Backed Into a Corner

Plum left for the meeting with her new coven in tow and the house fell silent. The peace and quiet was nice at first. But with no one to distract me, flashbacks of the previous night began to niggle me. It might have been my overactive imagination, but there seemed to be an air of doom and gloom lingering in […]

Chapter 48: Unpleasant Truths

Plum and the rest of the coven were exhausted, after they magicked the bodies into the ground. I didn’t want to bother her, but the events of the night had really disturbed me. Knowing Plum, her mood would affect the quality of her answers. So, I couldn’t just go up to her on the spur of the moment and start […]

Chapter 47: Evil Intent

I felt a distinct chill in the air, as the shadows crowded in around us. Being surrounded by the souls of the recently deceased was eerie. They had no features, no discernable expression, yet their malevolent intent was palpable. I kept my eyes on Plum, finding it unnerving to look at the entities. It’s hard to put into words, looking […]

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