Chapter 63: Trapped

Mukesh was still laughing when his spell sparked inside the ritual circle.  Instinctively, the group backed away from the flash, huddling together tense and watchful.  The bright spot ignited and flared into a yellow flame sprouting wings of fire and the glowing, flickering body of a bumblebee.  Everyone except Marko relaxed and snickered. The sisters elbowed one another, exchanging amused […]

Chapter 62: Eye of the Storm

Marko and the others felt themselves violently pulled downward through the ruined floor of the antiquities vault, past the basement and subbasement of the Doorkeeper compound. Their shouts could barely be heard over the roar of the cyclonic force buffeting their bodies. They desperately contorted their bodies to avoid the spinning chunks of rubble torn from the building above their […]

Chapter 61: On a Wing and a Prayer

Sage latched onto the outer edge of the hole in the ruined wall, resisting Marko’s attempt to bring him out the antiquities vault. The gravitational pull of the whirling vortex aiding him in his resistance. Janet and Andrea rushed to pry his fingers loose. In his exhausted state, Sage did not have the strength put up much of a fight. […]

Chapter 60: Cataclysm

Marko glared at the Doorkeeper warriors and spellcasters, waiting for one of them to step up and seize control of the situation. They all appeared to be in shock. The loud report of a crack forming and splitting the wall behind them made the group recoil. Their panic was palpable. Someone needed to take over or chaos would ensue. If […]

Chapter 59: Round Two

The spell weavers dropped into defensive stances in front of the antiquities vault force field; knees bent, arms upraised and poised to cast.  From the blazing bright rotating orbs emerged six shadowy figures. Janet and Andrea shielded their eyes from the blinding light. It gradually dimmed, until they could make out the six identically cloaked warlocks forming an offensive line […]

Chapter 58: The First Wave

Ted spent a few indecisive moments looking from Marko to his dead partner, until a sudden building rattling energetic explosion sounded upstairs. They flinched, eyes darting upward nervously as plaster rained down from the ceiling. Ted panicked and shouted into his walkie talkie requesting backup. His request and questions were met with silence. Marko was reaching for the walkie talkie, […]

Chapter 57: Reconnaissance

Marko was still arguing with the spell weaver, when a bang sounded in their midst.  The group ducked, looking around for a shooter. They were bewildered until Janet drew their attention to a red dot of light which suddenly materialized, right in front of her. They watched it grow steadily into a small pulsating orb, that momentarily hovered in place, […]

Chapter 56: The Demon Speaks

Marko and the others arrived at the doorway to the security office in a panting tangle. Their eyes all went to the physician lying facedown inside the doorway. Jason was standing across the room, in front of a wall mounted control panel with his back to them. He paused, on the act of punching a code into the keypad and […]

Chapter 55: The Body Snatcher

Marko had struggled to his feet, ignoring the nauseating wooziness making his head spin. Desperation forced him to power through the pain. He had to help the physician. The demon could not be allowed to jump onto a living body. If it stayed inside the seeker’s body, then rigor mortis would set in and slow it down. Marko had no […]

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