Chapter 53: Search Parties

The warrior put Janet and Andrea into a search party with Marko and the physician. They were assigned to check the basement. Andrea took offense to the assignment and complained loudly, as the group trooped down the steps. “You know why they gave us this crappy assignment. It’s because they don’t think we know what we’re doing. Can you believe […]

Chapter 52: Security Breach

Marko slammed the cadaver drawer shut and stalked out of the room. The sisters followed him down the hall, watching him go from door to door twisting the handles. Most were locked. A few opened and Marko spent a hurried moment checking the room. “What are you doing,” asked Janet. “I’m looking for the physician. Hopefully, you’re right and they […]

Chapter 51: Dangerous Turn of Events

The sisters sat in stunned silence, watching the Doorkeeper medical crew remove the CPR machine leads from the senior seeker’s chest. Janet raised tear-stained eyes to Marko’s grim face and he placed a comforting hand over hers. “So is he…dead,” she asked. “Yes, the soul was severed from the body.” “Isn’t there anything they can do?” “They might attempt a […]

Chapter 50: Unforeseen Circumstances

Andrea leaned back in the armchair, closed her eyes and concentrated on slowing her breathing. Palin had just pulled the rug out from under her, with that onslaught of questions and accusations. Up until then, Andrea was under the impression that her arrangement with Jagathy meant there would be no investigation. Now, she knew that it had actually done nothing […]

Chapter 49: Suspicious Circumstances

Andrea’s expression remained unchanged, in the face of Officer Palin’s accusations. Beneath the table, her hands were anxiously clenched together. Andrea’s mind was running in panicked circles. Agreeing to this interview had been a mistake. Why had she given in to pressure from her sister and Marko? Officer Palin had it out for her. He wouldn’t rest, until she was […]

Chapter 48: A Reunion of Sorts

Janet and Andrea were finishing their meals, when Officer Palin arrived. Due to law enforcement’s longstanding partnership with the Doorkeepers on all things magic, he was the officer in charge of any investigations involving the organization. In short order, Robert’s body was bagged, carted off to the medical examiner’s office and Palin commenced with witness interviews. Marko finished his interview […]

Chapter 47: Sage Steps In

Everyone was drawn in to the fight with the flaming jinn, focused on it’s rapidly redoubling efforts to break through the Doorkeeper’s defenses. Unobserved, Sage arose from his sick bed, grabbed a wand from the drawer of his nightstand, retrieved a blown glass globe from a shelf in his office, and laboriously made his way out to join the fray. […]

Chapter 46: Jinn Interrogation

Janet and Andrea lost track of how long they had been pressing their weight against the door to Mukesh’s office. They tried pressing their ears against it, but all they could hear was muffled exclamations and curses from Robert and the jinn inside of him rising above the drone of Vincent chanting and Marko’s murmured questions. There were brief moments […]

Chapter 45: Hot on a Traitor’s Trail

Unwilling to relinquish his self-appointed role as leader of the group, Robert suddenly became enraged and yelled, “your laundry list of tasks sounds like a bunch of busy work designed to make us feel as though we’re achieving something when all we’re doing is wasting time! I have been in Mukesh’s office a dozen times for meetings. There is nothing […]

Chapter 44: Time Rifts

The vapor creeping underneath the door appeared to be sentient.  It suddenly expanded and began rolling through the room towards them.  Jagathy, Marko, Andrea and Janet succeeded in waking four warriors and getting them to their feet, before it rolled over them.  Jagathy urged the group to follow him towards the other end of the massive storage space. The vapors […]

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