Chapter 13: Hits and Misses

Detective Hernandez retrieved a brown paper evidence bag from his car and slipped the grimoire inside, under the baleful glare of auction house proprietor Paul Schauman. Hernandez steeled himself for vehement protests and threats which never came.  Instead, there was only resigned acceptance from Paul. His shoulders slowly sagged as the fight drained out of him. “I hate to admit […]

Chapter 12: Double Dealer

Back at his desk, Detective Hernandez pulled the file folder of invoices towards him. He couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to be gleaned. Looking through them with fresh eyes, he noticed that there were more questionable invoices for the Schauman auction house than for other businesses. Hernandez went online and found the company website. He sat scrolling […]

Chapter 11: Face Off

Detective Hernandez was slipping the last of the paperwork from murder victim Liam Anderson into a file, when he heard the spouse Carter Stanfield’s raised voice out in the bullpen. One of the other detectives…it sounded like Clemons was trying and failing to be placating. Hernandez sat in the interview room a few moments longer, enjoying the show. There were […]

Chapter 10: Paper Trail

Officer Palin strode into the precinct and headed for the bullpen carrying two trash bags. He saw Detective Hernandez watching his approach and a big grin broke across his face. “I come bearing gifts,” quipped Palin. Detective Hernandez stood and directed him towards an unoccupied interview room, “My man! You secured the bags. Did Mr. Stanfield see you take ’em?” […]

Chapter 9: Forewarned

Detective Edwardo Hernandez sat at his desk, staring at the phone. He needed to interview Carter Stanfield about his husband Liam Anderson. It would be helpful to see what aspects of the picture their maid Madeline Miller painted of Liam via her interview would be confirmed or denied by Carter. Hernandez suspected that she might have exaggerated or even fabricated […]

Chapter 8: Links in the Chain

Detective Edwardo Hector returned to his desk and began jotting down a few notes, while his interrogation of Archer Miller was fresh in his mind. Pausing to think, he looked up into the anxious gaze of Madeline Miller. She was standing in front of his desk, so quietly that Detective Hector hadn’t heard her approach. Startled, he wondered how long […]

Chapter 7: Conspiracy Theory

Detective Eduardo Hector sat across from Gustaff Karlsson awaiting his assistant Aron’s return with the client list. One awkward silent minute dragged on into five, under the weight of Gustaff’s unwavering appraising gaze. Hector’s cell phone vibrated in his pocket and he was relieved to have an excuse to leave the room. “Excuse me Mr . Karlsson. I need to […]

Chapter 6: The Spider in the Web

Detective Eduardo Hector started his day down at the riverfront. As the newest and only Spanish speaking member of the St. Louis, Missouri Occult Crimes Taskforce, he had been assigned the Liam Anderson murder investigation. The crime had taken place in South St. Louis City, where a large part of the population is Hispanic. After a string of gang related […]

Chapter 5: A Tangled Web

“How would I find out about these auctions,” Officer Palin asked again. “I wouldn’t know, I’m not a big enough fish to ever get invited. Why don’t you ask Carter?” “How would Liam’s husband know?” The smug expression swam back onto Nathaniel’s face. He looked challengingly at Palin and folded both across his chest. “Did you even question Carter? You […]

Chapter 4: Pressure

Nathaniel said his piece and reached for the door handle, to let himself out of the patrol car. Realizing there were no handles inside of the cage, he glanced expectantly at Officer Palin busily writing in the front seat. A minute passed with no acknowledgement. Nathaniel noisily cleared his throat. “I have a few more questions for you Mr. Boyce,” […]

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