Chapter 11: Bad Company

Marcus stood in line, waiting his turn to give the gatekeeper of the midnight market portal his offering. A mesmerized hush fell over the group, at the sight of the first sparks from the gatekeeper’s spell. They blazed brightly, dancing about like fireflies in the darkness beyond the feeble reach of the streetlights. The newcomers were thrilled at the sight […]

Chapter 8: Like Pulling Teeth

Chester strode into the Sit N’ Dine, half an hour after he had agreed to meet at the diner. Marcus looked up and forced a smile onto his face, to match his friend’s lopsided grin and mask his irritation. Ordinarily, he felt cheered at the sight of his buddy. Recent events had him questioning everything he thought he knew about […]

Chapter 7: More Questions Than Answers

Marcus watched the animal control truck to pull off, with Travis drugged and unconscious in the back, chuckling to himself. Let’s see the sonofabitch get out of that one. Marcus stepped back into Travis’ house and closed the door. Now, he could take his time looking around. Travis didn’t strike him as being particularly imaginative or creative. So, Marcus headed […]

Chapter 6: Courtesy Call

Back at his office, Marcus made quick work of tracing the shapeshifter’s license plate. Apparently, the vehicle was registered to Travis Shaw. Not knowing what to expect, Marcus tucked a few tools into his pockets. His secretary Davina was just about to bring him a stack of papers to sign, when he strode out of his office and past her […]

Chapter 5: Troublemaker

Marcus decided to move his search to Cat’s car. The first place he looked was the glove compartment. A lot of people tended to toss seemingly inconsequential things there, which actually shed a lot of light on their activities. Given Cat’s secretiveness, Marcus didn’t hold out much hope that he would find anything useful. He was shocked to see it […]

Chapter 4: Inner Sanctum

By the light of day, Cat’s apartment looked harmless. Marcus stood in living room for a few moments, taking in the atmosphere.  The understated elegance of the place was a little surprising.  From the way Aria had characterized Cat, Marcus half expected the place to be garish.  He moved through the tastefully appointed living room taking in the gothic accents.  […]

Chapter 2: The Truth Comes Out

Marcus was in his office typing up a surveillance report for another client, when the phone rang.  He answered without taking his eyes off of his computer screen.  The sultry voice immediately grabbed his full attention. “Are you that bounty hunter whose been asking questions about my daughter,” it purred. “Who is your daughter?” “Her name is Cat.” “Yes, I’m […]

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