Chapter 51: Dangerous Turn of Events

The sisters sat in stunned silence, watching the Doorkeeper medical crew remove the CPR machine leads from the senior seeker’s chest. Janet raised tear-stained eyes to Marko’s grim face and he placed a comforting hand over hers. “So is he…dead,” she asked. “Yes, the soul was severed from the body.” “Isn’t there anything they can do?” “They might attempt a […]

Chapter 50: Unforeseen Circumstances

Andrea leaned back in the armchair, closed her eyes and concentrated on slowing her breathing. Palin had just pulled the rug out from under her, with that onslaught of questions and accusations. Up until then, Andrea was under the impression that her arrangement with Jagathy meant there would be no investigation. Now, she knew that it had actually done nothing […]

Chapter 39: Bounty Hunters

Marko’s essence flowed back into to his body, concealed on the roof a nearby building. Projecting his spirit into the gypsy encampment with enough solid looking detail to convince them that he had actually walked into their midst had required intense concentration and the expenditure of a great deal of energy. The level of exhaustion he now felt was paralyzing. […]

Chapter 24: Finding Power In a Moment of Weakness.

“What are you saying?  You can show me how to do astral projection?  How much does something like that cost?  I don’t have much to spare,” I said cautiously. “Maybe we can work out a barter.” “What kind of barter?  Unless you want me to sweep the place up, I don’t think I’d be very effective working here in the store.  […]

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