Chapter 56: Wrongfully Accused

Plum left me alone, so that I could rest, with a promise to send up a dinner tray. She admonished me to eat everything, because I needed my strength. I was sound asleep, before the door closed behind her. What felt like a moment later, a nudge awakened me. Thinking that Plum had forgotten something, I opened my eyes expecting […]

Chapter 45: Samentha Comes Out Swinging

Samentha allowed Anitra to drop heavily to the kitchen floor and pulled Anitra’s cellphone from her limp grasp. She skimmed over the text message reply that her friend was in the process of typing to someone named Lamont. She had already sent a message saying that she had one on the hook for him to reel in. What did that […]

Chapter 24: Richard Brings Trouble to Carl’s Doorstep.

Richard lay in his bed gingerly touching the tight stitches closing the split in his scalp. The aspirin they had given him in the hospital only blunted the pain. He supposed he was lucky that all he walked away from a fight with an ex-con with was a split scalp and mild concussion. Richard didn’t know what angered him more; […]

Chapter 22: Things Take an Unexpected Turn.

The siblings rode in companionable silence, lost in their own thoughts. Rachel was first to break the silence, “When I woke up the other night and realized I was still in Nicole’s kitchen, I was alone. Nicole and Thomas were in the other room having some sort of heated discussion.” “What were they saying?” “They were talking too softly for […]

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