Chapter 51: Dangerous Turn of Events

The sisters sat in stunned silence, watching the Doorkeeper medical crew remove the CPR machine leads from the senior seeker’s chest. Janet raised tear-stained eyes to Marko’s grim face and he placed a comforting hand over hers. “So is he…dead,” she asked. “Yes, the soul was severed from the body.” “Isn’t there anything they can do?” “They might attempt a […]

Chapter 47: Evil Intent

I felt a distinct chill in the air, as the shadows crowded in around us. Being surrounded by the souls of the recently deceased was eerie. They had no features, no discernable expression, yet their malevolent intent was palpable. I kept my eyes on Plum, finding it unnerving to look at the entities. It’s hard to put into words, looking […]

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