Chapter 46: Samentha Stirs The Pot

Samentha went to see Thomas, without calling ahead. She had some tough questions to ask him about Nicole. He could be like a scared rabbit, when it came to that woman. Samentha’s mouth twisted with disgust. If there was one thing she couldn’t stand, it was a man with no backbone. He was so afraid of upsetting Nicole, that getting […]

Chapter 38: Madness or Mayhem?

Reverend Mother, Richard, and Rachel sat in the doctor’s office waiting room. Joshua was quiet and preoccupied, unable to focus on anything but the dread of receiving bad news about his mother. Rachel seemed completely unfazed, brightly chattering away as though she had not a care in the world. She kept their mother smiling and laughing, with her funny stories. From […]

Chapter 37: Cursed

The family meeting had been productive.  They were all in agreement that their little investigation had unearthed some important facts.  Even though at the moment, the significance of those facts escaped them.  Like the outer pieces of a puzzle, they still needed to fill in the details in order to get the big picture. Joshua had requested that Richard ask […]

Chapter 32: Magic Elixir

Marko felt a tickle at the back of his throat and coughed involuntarily.  He swallowed and the tickle came on stronger the second time.  The coughing didn’t stop.  Marko found it difficult to catch his breath.  He was dimly aware that Janet was asking him if he was okay.  Marko tried to answer and succeeded only in coughing more forcefully. He fought […]

Chapter 29: Consultation With a Rootworker

The next afternoon, Joshua drove Thomas to a rootworker’s shop. Joshua had mixed feelings about it. Something was clearly very wrong with his friend. Thomas wasn’t sleeping for more than a couple of hours at a time. Besides that, Thomas’ legs were swollen and discolored. Something had to be done. If his doctor couldn’t help him then Joshua was all […]

Chapter 28: Under Her Spell

Joshua sat gazing blearily at his laptop screen. He had finished editing his work and sat doing Internet research on sleepwalking. The idea that his friend would spontaneously just start sleepwalking was troubling. Halfway through an online article, Joshua felt a presence. He looked up and was startled to see Thomas standing in the darkened doorway. “Oh hey, I didn’t […]

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