Chapter 4: Snap Decision

Dylan sat gazing down at Rosa, pleading with her not to die. If she would just hang on, he could get help. Then, everything would be okay. They’d get back together. That other woman meant nothing to him. He loved Rosa. His pleas fell on deaf ears, as the light slowly died out of her eyes. Even after she was […]

Chapter 3: Fatal Consequences

Dylan got to know Rosa by degrees. Her reticence made it challenging to get to know her. Accustomed to knowing what most people were thinking, he found it both frustrating and intriguing to be in the dark, where Rosa was concerned. Dylan wondered if the gradual way she revealed aspects of herself to him was random or by design. Whenever […]

Chapter 2: Evenly Matched

Dylan Maxwell was a certifiable ladies man. He didn’t have to exert much effort, to draw them to him. Even his competitors couldn’t help being impressed by the ease with which Dylan pulled the most aloof beauties. Reverentially, they would ask, “what’s your secret man?” Despite the fact that women loved him and men admired him, Dylan wasn’t really a […]

Chapter 1: In The Beginning

Dylan Maxwell had the world figured out at an early age.  His life lessons began shortly after his crack addicted mother Evelyn Maxwell had given birth to him on the filthy floor of a gas station bathroom.  She took him home, handed him off to his grandmother and hightailed it back out to the streets to scrounge up cash for […]

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