Chapter 60: Family Ties

Richard washed the last of the breakfast dishes and placed it on the draining board. Rachel was absentmindedly cramming a kitchen towel into a cup and twisting it. He turned and leaned against the counter, watching her. “Hey, did mom ever tell you how Harriet and I were adopted,” Richard asked hopefully. “No, she never really talked about it…or if […]

Chapter 9: Ill-Gotten Gains

Marcus stepped from the sunlit sidewalk into the dim cave-like interior of the Metro Pawn Stop. If anyone had the lowdown on that mysterious bag of loot Cat had made off with, it was Tiny. Like most people ironically tagged with that nickname, the proprietor of the Metro Pawn Stop was a big man, seemingly as wide as he was […]

Chapter 8: Links in the Chain

Detective Edwardo Hector returned to his desk and began jotting down a few notes, while his interrogation of Archer Miller was fresh in his mind. Pausing to think, he looked up into the anxious gaze of Madeline Miller. She was standing in front of his desk, so quietly that Detective Hector hadn’t heard her approach. Startled, he wondered how long […]

Chapter 21: Richard Teaches Carl a Painful Lesson.

Richard slid behind the wheel of his car and sat motionless for a few moments, collecting his thoughts. His mother had just revealed a lot within a short amount of time. He already felt the weight of responsibility for finding a solution settling on his broad shoulders. Richard had originally returned home expecting to stay for a quiet day or […]

Chapter 20: Stalked by a Madwoman.

Richard turned to the last page and saw that his brother had listed Nicole’s home and work addresses. Richard gazed thoughtfully at the page. Maybe I’ll go scope out these places and see if there’s anywhere out of sight for me to park so she won’t see me. Yeah, a drive sounds like just the thing to help me clear […]

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