Chapter 17: Ghostly Intuition

Blackhorse parked in the first space he could. The gray car followed suit, quickly pulling into a spot three cars behind him. He sat staring into his rearview mirror, waiting to see if the driver would get out. The day had heated up and he was feeling worse by the minute. A mild headache had intensified, until the blood was […]

Chapter 12: First Kill

Everything Dylan knew about werewolves came from the folk tales he read as a child. They were real to him, until his grandmother chided him for having an overactive imagination. Dylan grew up believing her assurances that folk tales and old wives’ tales were all fantasy and the creatures in them were not real. He started to see world as […]

Chapter 12: Double Dealer

Back at his desk, Detective Hernandez pulled the file folder of invoices towards him. He couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to be gleaned. Looking through them with fresh eyes, he noticed that there were more questionable invoices for the Schauman auction house than for other businesses. Hernandez went online and found the company website. He sat scrolling […]

Chapter 14: Heavenly Hash

The Heavenly Hash Smoke Shop was everything promised by the crumpled receipt printed with cheap smeary ink. He had driven across town and parked in the rundown shopping center. The curling faded Bob Marley posters taped in the dusty storefront window contributed to the overall neglected appearance of the smoke shop. Pulling open the front door got him blasted in […]

Chapter 8: Between Rock and Hard Place

By the time the police officers finally left, Dylan was mentally exhausted. Forcing himself to remain outwardly calm had meant constantly pushing to the back of his mind, unbidden flashbacks of Rosa crashing through his coffee table. One minute, she was full of passion and the next Dylan was watching the life drain out of her impaled body. He still […]

Chapter 9: Ill-Gotten Gains

Marcus stepped from the sunlit sidewalk into the dim cave-like interior of the Metro Pawn Stop. If anyone had the lowdown on that mysterious bag of loot Cat had made off with, it was Tiny. Like most people ironically tagged with that nickname, the proprietor of the Metro Pawn Stop was a big man, seemingly as wide as he was […]

Chapter 9: Forewarned

Detective Edwardo Hernandez sat at his desk, staring at the phone. He needed to interview Carter Stanfield about his husband Liam Anderson. It would be helpful to see what aspects of the picture their maid Madeline Miller painted of Liam via her interview would be confirmed or denied by Carter. Hernandez suspected that she might have exaggerated or even fabricated […]

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