Chapter 2: Ear to The Streets

Officer Palin left the victim’s home and returned to his cruiser. The crime scene technicians were still inside, but he wanted to get a jump start on his investigation. With the exception of blood pooling into carpet, the victim’s house was undisturbed. Palin had not seen any footprints, fingerprints or telltale smears of blood. So, he didn’t hold out much […]

Chapter 1: The First Sign of Trouble

Police Officer Palin was patrolling the city of south St. Louis Missouri, when the 10-100 call came across the two-way radio. As he was closest to the scene, Officer Palin made his way to the Hill neighborhood. It wasn’t hard to locate the a newly built half million dollar, boxy modern house with floor to ceiling wraparound windows. All the […]

Chapter 34: Barrier Spells

Ethan could tell by the exaggerated way their mouths were moving, Dorian and Enmerkar were shouting at him.  However, he couldn’t hear a word they were saying.  Their voices were drowned out in his head by a hissing sound that grew in volume until it felt as though his head would split open.  He closed his eyes and the noise […]

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