Chapter 9: Killer Confession

Caitlyn continued to scream hysterically, until Diedra slapped her across the face. The effect was instantaneous. Caitlyn looked dazed and then came to her senses. She started to speak, then looked back over Deidra’s shoulder towards the bathroom mirror and her knees buckled. Deidra caught Caitlyn and walked her over to the bed, supporting her weight and then easing her […]

Chapter 8: Shock and Horror

Deidra felt like a rat in a trap.  At any given moment, Caitlyn would succeed in breaking  down the door.  No one was coming to help.  Out of desperation, Deidra started talking aloud to her.  If she could somehow talk some sense into Caitlyn, it might buy Deidra enough time to escape. She stepped back over to the door. “Caityln […]

Chapter 7: Changeling

Deidra was surprised to learn that her assignment wasn’t over. Caitlyn said only that she would need help, when she returned. Deidra busied herself straightening up the room and cleaning the bathroom. Vincent dropped off a bologna sandwich, carrot sticks and bottled water for Deidra. She finished her dinner and used her fingers to gather up all of the crumbs. […]

Chapter 6: Terrible Choice

Cold water dashed in Deidra’s unconscious face, soaking her clothes. She came to coughing and sputtering, her vision swimming into focus on Heather’s laughing face. For a few merciful seconds, Deidra had forgotten what transpired. Then she regained all senses and the memory came flooding back. With an anguished cry, Deidra struggled to her feet, determined to help her friend. […]

Chapter 5: Unprovoked Attack

The group sat staring in abject horror at the speed at which the winged creature flew out over their heads and dove towards Jim. It felt surreal to Deidra. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the hideous creature, taking in the massive wingspan of the veined dun colored leathery wings. The woman on the bench beside her shrieked, momentarily […]

Chapter 4: Asking For Trouble

Jim refused to quiet down. All attempts to warn him off of his reckless behavior only seemed to rile him up even more. Deidra shook turned her back and set to work shoveling clumps of blood soaked dirt into waiting wheelbarrows. The other five prisoners followed suit, working in silence punctuated by Jim’s griping. Heather walked past the group, shooting […]

Chapter 3: Dirty Work

Deidre’s relief was short lived, after Heather’s thugs freed her wrists and ankles. The renewed circulation awakened her nerve endings and caused every abrasion and bruised area to sting with eye watering intensity. Deidra gasped involuntarily rubbing at her wrists and then wincing. With some effort she managed to compose herself, after catching sight of the gleeful expression on Heather’s […]

Chapter 1: Taken

Red-hot throbbing in Deidra Smith’s wrists morphed her dreamless slumber into a nightmare of anguish. She awoke to find both wrists and ankles bound above her head. She was on her feet restrained at the ankles. A chill in the air wracked her nude body with shivers. Confused, Diedra attempted to lower her arms to cover herself and succeeded only […]

Chapter 1: In The Beginning

Dylan Maxwell had the world figured out at an early age.  His life lessons began shortly after his crack addicted mother Evelyn Maxwell had given birth to him on the filthy floor of a gas station bathroom.  She took him home, handed him off to his grandmother and hightailed it back out to the streets to scrounge up cash for […]

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