Chapter 2: From Bad to Worse

No one responded to Deidra’s pleas for help. She thought, what if no one comes? My parents have no idea where I am, because I snuck out of the house. Did Heather and her friends tie me up and leave me here to die? I don’t want to die like this! Deidra screamed loud and long, until her throat ached. […]

Chapter 1: Taken

Red-hot throbbing in Deidra Smith’s wrists morphed her dreamless slumber into a nightmare of anguish. She awoke to find both wrists and ankles bound above her head. She was on her feet restrained at the ankles. A chill in the air wracked her nude body with shivers. Confused, Diedra attempted to lower her arms to cover herself and succeeded only […]

Chapter 1: In The Beginning

Dylan Maxwell had the world figured out at an early age.  His life lessons began shortly after his crack addicted mother Evelyn Maxwell had given birth to him on the filthy floor of a gas station bathroom.  She took him home, handed him off to his grandmother and hightailed it back out to the streets to scrounge up cash for […]

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