Chapter 22: Things Take an Unexpected Turn.

The siblings rode in companionable silence, lost in their own thoughts. Rachel was first to break the silence, “When I woke up the other night and realized I was still in Nicole’s kitchen, I was alone. Nicole and Thomas were in the other room having some sort of heated discussion.” “What were they saying?” “They were talking too softly for […]

Chapter 6: Ready to Move on.

Reverend Mother had always been there for Thomas throughout his childhood, rescuing him when his mother’s drunken boyfriends turned violent. Gratitude made him readily agree to do bad things for her. As a teen, he was pleased to be entrusted with such dangerous tasks. He was good at it…a little too good. When he wanted to stop, Reverend Mother blackmailed him. As a grown man, what Thomas wants most is to be free of Reverend Mother.

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