Chapter 35: Trapped in a Lethal Nightmare

The powerful herbs in Delilah’s tea made me lose consciousness quickly.  My mind’s eye opened.  I found myself staring at a dingy ceiling for several moments.  The water stain running across it looked familiar.  I shifted and an errant spring in the mattress upon which I lay dug into my side.  That settled it for me.  I knew then that […]

Chapter 30: Demon Enmerkar and The Power of Three.

Ethan wasn’t sure he liked the worshipful way that Dorian was gazing at Enmerkar.  Dorian owed Ethan just as much gratitude, if not more.  After all, he never would have met the demon if Ethan hadn’t brought them together. It was important that Dorian remember that, because he was going to be Ethan’s Plan B, if things went south.  People were […]

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