Chapter 3: Inner Sanctum

Cat’s mother had described her completely different from what Marcus recalled. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to figure out which one of them was correct. The best way to figure out what makes a person tick is to get a look at what they were like behind closed doors. He owed part of his success […]

Chapter 2: The Truth Comes Out

Marcus was in his office typing up a surveillance report for another client, when the phone rang.  He answered without taking his eyes off of his computer screen.  The sultry voice immediately grabbed his full attention. “Are you that bounty hunter whose been asking questions about my daughter,” it purred. “Who is your daughter?” “Her name is Cat.” “Yes, I’m […]

Chapter 1: A Friend in Need

The call came at three o’clock in the morning, from Marcus Abara’s old college roommate Chester Wilson.  Marcus was roused from the deep, dreamless sleep of the hungover by his cellphone’s insistent bleating. Ordinarily, Marcus took offense at people who called him at odd hours.  But he knew it would never even occur to Chester that it was rude.  He […]

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