Chapter 59: Turning Tables

My recovery was surprising swift. Whatever herbs and potions were in those poultices the witch doctor applied to my wounds did the trick. I was on the mend, in no time and worrying about my impending confrontation with Hiromi. It was drawing nearer each day. Suddenly, I wasn’t so sure that killing her was a good idea. It was true […]

Chapter 10: Paper Trail

Officer Palin strode into the precinct and headed for the bullpen carrying two trash bags. He saw Detective Hernandez watching his approach and a big grin broke across his face. “I come bearing gifts,” quipped Palin. Detective Hernandez stood and directed him towards an unoccupied interview room, “My man! You secured the bags. Did Mr. Stanfield see you take ’em?” […]

Chapter 11: Secret Passages

Vincent’s panicked shrieking for help with Caitlyn roused the entire house. Terrified women in their nightgowns cracked open bedroom doors up and down the corridor. Deidra hurried past them, averting her eyes from all the curious stares and glares. Before she could reach the staircase, four men came thundering up the steps. For one panicked second, she imagined they were […]

Chapter 60: Family Ties

Richard washed the last of the breakfast dishes and placed it on the draining board. Rachel was absentmindedly cramming a kitchen towel into a cup and twisting it. He turned and leaned against the counter, watching her. “Hey, did mom ever tell you how Harriet and I were adopted,” Richard asked hopefully. “No, she never really talked about it…or if […]

Chapter 12: Questionable Motives

Detective Blackhorse sat in his car, waiting for his irritation over Officer Schneider’s unprofessional antics to pass. It would be a mistake to allow that buffoon to get under his skin. Blackhorse grudgingly admitted to himself that part of him was tempted to sink to Schneider’s level and clap back at him, when he was being spiteful. How satisfying would […]

Chapter 60: Cataclysm

Marko glared at the Doorkeeper warriors and spellcasters, waiting for one of them to step up and seize control of the situation. They all appeared to be in shock. The loud report of a crack forming and splitting the wall behind them made the group recoil. Their panic was palpable. Someone needed to take over or chaos would ensue. If […]

Chapter 8: Links in the Chain

Detective Edwardo Hector returned to his desk and began jotting down a few notes, while his interrogation of Archer Miller was fresh in his mind. Pausing to think, he looked up into the anxious gaze of Madeline Miller. She was standing in front of his desk, so quietly that Detective Hector hadn’t heard her approach. Startled, he wondered how long […]

Chapter 57: Past Echoes

Richard awoke and lay still, cautiously sifting through his dim recollections of the previous day. The loss of his mother was still razor sharp. Everything else was disjointed and distorted by a haze of migraine pain. He recalled the shock of a stranger looking out at him through Harriet’s eyes and realized that he had seen that strange look in […]

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