Chapter 29: Marko on The Brink of Death.

Janet waited for the fear which always seized her in the darkness.  She was surprised, when it never came.  Her sense of calmness prevailed.  She next noticed that sound was somehow more distinct in the darkness.  Janet listened in a detached way to Marko’s ragged breathing.  To her right, Andrea swore as she grappled with the shadow panther.  Having already […]

Chapter 28: The Witching Hour

Janet opened her eyes and was immediately blinded by the beam of the flashlight. She shielded her eyes and pushed it away. It took a few moments for the spots dancing in front her eyes to fade, before she could see Marko’s and Andrea’s concerned faces looking down at her. They were shouting something at her but she couldn’t seem […]

Chapter 27: Shadow Panther Attack

Marko fished his keys out of a jeans pocket and held out the God’s eye keychain on the key ring as the shadow cat lunged at him.  He heard a shout of alarm as it disappeared into the intricate weave of the small charm.  The shadow creature rose up and Marko quickly turned the spirit trap in its direction. “Sit […]

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