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Urban Fantasy Fiction: Security Breach-Chapter 52

Marko slammed the cadaver drawer shut and stalked out of the room. The sisters followed him down the hall, watching him go from door to door twisting the handles. Most were locked. A few opened and Marko spent a hurried moment checking the room.

“What are you doing,” asked Janet.

“I’m looking for the physician. Hopefully, you’re right and they haven’t brought the body down to the morgue yet. Make yourselves useful and help me find the physician.”

They split up, checking rooms from one end of the hall to another and then running back upstairs. The physician was in the cafeteria. He was chewing a mouth full of salad and reading a medical journal, when Marko confronted him.

“Where did you put the seeker?”

“Excuse me? Who are you?”

“Where the hell did you put the seeker’s body?”

“That’s none of your…”

Marko grabbed the front of the physician’s shirt, lifting him so they were nose-to-nose, and yelled into his face.

“We don’t have time for bullshit! Where the fuck did you put the body of the dead seeker?”

“I don’t….he’s in the morgue,” spluttered the physician.

“Wrong! He’s not in the damn morgue. So, I take it you didn’t think to have someone secure the body with a binding spell?”

“Why on earth would I do that? The man is dead.”

“Why would you…are you serious right now? Anytime someone astral projects, their vacated body is vulnerable to possession by dark entities, especially if that someone dies! The man’s soul didn’t return from the astral realm. This entire compound was just under attack. Don’t you morons implement some sort of security protocol, until a violent threat is neutralized?”

“Look, I’m just a physician. I don’t know anything about magical warfare.”

“That’s no excuse, if you’re going to be a Doorkeeper then it’s your responsibility to learn how magic can affect your damn job! Thanks to your ignorance, a possessed body with the seeker’s knowledge about the layout of the compound has been skulking around, while you sit in here stuffing your face full of salad! We need to let everyone know, there is a body-snatching entity loose in the compound! If the damn thing starts jumping from one body to next, in order to escape detection, then we may never track the damn thing down and it will escape after it picks us off one-by-one!”

Visibly shaken, the physician pulled a walkie talkie from his lab coat and put in a call for someone from security. A security officer responded. Marko snatched the walkie talkie and shouted his concerns into the speaker. The officer requested his location. A moment later, their ears were assaulted by a blaring alarm followed by a repeating recorded message over the loudspeaker.

“Security alert, code yellow. Security alert, code yellow.”

Muffled bangs made the sisters jump. “What was that,” asked Janet fearfully.

“The sound of all exits and entrances being sealed,” the physician explained nervously.

They heard booted footsteps echoing in the hallway and looked over at the doorway, in time to see four Doorkeeper warriors rush in. Marko filled them in on the situation and they quickly used their walkie talkies to organize a search party.

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