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Supernatural Fiction: Possession-Chapter 62

Richard saw the momentary change come over Officer Foster, when he looked at Harriet. The officer’s usual smug, self-assured expression had slipped. It looked like Foster recognized and was surprised to see his sister. Richard looked over at Harriet, in time to see the switch. Samentha had assumed control of her body again. He could tell, because Harriet’s posture changed as she walked towards Richard. Her usual self-conscious awkward walk becoming a confident strut.

Their eyes met and Richard realized with a jolt that the color of her eyes had changed from dark to hazel. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Why hadn’t he noticed that before? Richard didn’t know the first thing about ghosts, but he was pretty sure that meant that Harriet was possessed. He looked over at Rachel and Joshua, but they were looking at Foster. Richard realized he had not heard anything that the officer said.

“I’m sorry, what did you just say,” asked Richard.

“I was just saying that I would like to speak with each of you individually. Just to get some details down about what each of you observed at the nursing facility in regard to the care your mother received and her condition, in the days and hours leading up to her sudden death. I don’t want any of you to be influenced by your sister’s or brother’s recollections.”

Richard braced himself, assuming that Foster would start with him. Harriet was selected. Richard felt relieved until paranoia set in. He suspected that Foster wanted him to stew in his own juices, so that his nerves would be on edge by the time his turn came. Then it would be easier for Foster to provoke him. Richard reluctantly followed Rachel and Joshua to the stairs, casting one last glance over his shoulder. Samentha’s posture was commanding and relaxed at the same time. Foster was the one who looked nervous.

When he was a police officer, working in the same precinct as Foster, Richard had never seen the man act wary. Even with Samentha’s confidence, she looked relatively harmless. Surely, Foster didn’t believe that his sister posed any sort of threat to him. He had no idea that Foster had ever met Harriet. Richard was pretty sure he had never been to the house before. So, how did Foster know Harriet? She rarely ever even left the house. Richard couldn’t think of any situation in which their paths would even cross.

Of course, he hadn’t even noticed that his own sister was possessed. Who knew how long the spirit had been invading his sister’s body? Maybe Foster knew Samentha not Harriet. Richard resisted the urge to stand at the top of the stairs and eavesdrop on the interview. Instead, he tapped Rachel on the arm and gestured for her to come to his room. As soon as the interviews were over, Richard intended to confront Harriet….or Samentha…whoever that was downstairs talking to Foster. There was telling what might jump off. Richard wanted a witness.

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