Chapter 7: More Questions Than Answers

Marcus watched the animal control truck to pull off, with Travis drugged and unconscious in the back, chuckling to himself. Let’s see the sonofabitch get out of that one. Marcus stepped back into Travis’ house and closed the door. Now, he could take his time looking around. Travis didn’t strike him as being particularly imaginative or creative. So, Marcus headed […]

Chapter 6: The Law

Dylan stowed Rosa’s body in the basement and returned to his apartment, forcinghimself to walk slow and act normal. He scarcely had time to sit on the couch and catch his breath, before a knock sounded at his door. Dylan cursed under his breath. That would be the cops. He knew without looking, just as he knew who had called […]

Chapter 8: The First Snag

Detective Blackhorse sensed that Alice Barnhill was about to end the interview, before it even began. While he found her reticence a typical small-town reaction to a stranger, it seemed exaggerated. Was she trying to stonewall him? One look at her dilated pupils and he realized that she must have recently eaten, smoked or snorted some illicit substance. Even if […]

Chapter 55: The Body Snatcher

Marko had struggled to his feet, ignoring the nauseating wooziness making his head spin. Desperation forced him to power through the pain. He had to help the physician. The demon could not be allowed to jump onto a living body. If it stayed inside the seeker’s body, then rigor mortis would set in and slow it down. Marko had no […]

Chapter 55: The Ultimatum

It had been an exhausting afternoon filled with hard truths and tough decisions.  Dealing with Rachel’s drama had aggravated Joshua, but it also enabled him to put off dealing with his immense sense of loss. On the drive back to the nursing home, reality abruptly intruded on his thoughts.  Joshua pulled into the nearest spot on a grocery store parking […]

Chapter 6: The Spider in the Web

Detective Eduardo Hector started his day down at the riverfront. As the newest and only Spanish speaking member of the St. Louis, Missouri Occult Crimes Taskforce, he had been assigned the Liam Anderson murder investigation. The crime had taken place in South St. Louis City, where a large part of the population is Hispanic. After a string of gang related […]

Chapter 7: Pulling at Threads

The idea of ducking out of the summer heat for a mid-afternoon nap between cool sheets in an air-conditioned motel room was very inviting.  However, Blackhorse was determined to make some headway on the case, by nightfall.  He decided to see how many people on the list he could contact and interview.  One good interview could set him on the […]

Chapter 54: Unintended Betrayal

I tried to warn Plum and only managed a strangled sort of yelp.  It was enough to draw her attention.  She paused in the act of checking her makeup, gazing at me curiously. Her lips were moving, but her words were blotted out by a sudden roaring in my ears.  I rushed at her, dagger poised to strike, before she […]

Chapter 54: Tag Team

Marko turned and looked at the physician saying, “I see the possessed seeker. We’re gonna have to take him unaware.” “Why are you looking at me,” asked the physician nervously. “I need your help.” “But…but, I’m not a warrior,” blurted the physician. “I’m not asking you to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Just help out while I exorcise the demon.” “I’ll […]

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