Chapter 4: Pressure

Nathaniel said his piece and reached for the door handle, to let himself out of the patrol car. Realizing there were no handles inside of the cage, he glanced expectantly at Officer Palin busily writing in the front seat. A minute passed with no acknowledgement. Nathaniel noisily cleared his throat. “I have a few more questions for you Mr. Boyce,” […]

Chapter 5: Troublemaker

Marcus decided to move his search to Cat’s car. The first place he looked was the glove compartment. A lot of people tended to toss seemingly inconsequential things there, which actually shed a lot of light on their activities. Given Cat’s secretiveness, Marcus didn’t hold out much hope that he would find anything useful. He was shocked to see it […]

Chapter 51: Dangerous Turn of Events

The sisters sat in stunned silence, watching the Doorkeeper medical crew remove the CPR machine leads from the senior seeker’s chest. Janet raised tear-stained eyes to Marko’s grim face and he placed a comforting hand over hers. “So is he…dead,” she asked. “Yes, the soul was severed from the body.” “Isn’t there anything they can do?” “They might attempt a […]

Chapter 51: Out of The Blue

Sundays were family days in the Blackshear household. It had been that way, since the siblings were small children. The day started bright and early with a light breakfast, then it was off to open the church and prepare it for the services. In Reverend Mother’s absence, her adult children continued the practice, each automatically attending to duties they had […]

Chapter 51: The Tables Turn

I don’t recall much of what happened while I gazed at that painting. It all kind of runs together. What does stand out in my mind was the way Hiromi rifled through my pockets and purse, while the enchantment held me captivated. I realized that she had no intention of keeping her end of our bargain. She, like everyone else […]

Chapter 3: The Blowhard

Officer Palin sat in his police cruiser going over the shorthand notes he took, during his phone call with Sage. Someone outside the passenger side window suddenly blotted out the light from the street. Instantly irritated, Palin looked up into the plump, eager face of a man he had never seen before. The stranger motioned for him to let down […]

Chapter 3: Fatal Consequences

Dylan got to know Rosa by degrees. Her reticence made it challenging to get to know her. Accustomed to knowing what most people were thinking, he found it both frustrating and intriguing to be in the dark, where Rosa was concerned. Dylan wondered if the gradual way she revealed aspects of herself to him was random or by design. Whenever […]

Chapter 4: Asking For Trouble

Jim refused to quiet down. All attempts to warn him off of his reckless behavior only seemed to rile him up even more. Deidra shook turned her back and set to work shoveling clumps of blood soaked dirt into waiting wheelbarrows. The other five prisoners followed suit, working in silence punctuated by Jim’s griping. Heather walked past the group, shooting […]

Chapter 3: Dirty Work

Deidre’s relief was short lived, after Heather’s thugs freed her wrists and ankles. The renewed circulation awakened her nerve endings and caused every abrasion and bruised area to sting with eye watering intensity. Deidra gasped involuntarily rubbing at her wrists and then wincing. With some effort she managed to compose herself, after catching sight of the gleeful expression on Heather’s […]

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