Chapter 47: Evil Intent

I felt a distinct chill in the air, as the shadows crowded in around us. Being surrounded by the souls of the recently deceased was eerie. They had no features, no discernable expression, yet their malevolent intent was palpable. I kept my eyes on Plum, finding it unnerving to look at the entities. It’s hard to put into words, looking […]

Chapter 46: Marshalling The Troops

I looked on in bewildered disgust at the sight of Plum standing there with a necklace of woven human hair around her neck. She saw the revulsion on my face and grinned broadly. I glared at her, seeing nothing funny about it. Plum raised an eyebrow sarcastically and turned her back on me, speaking to the others. “Now then, which […]

Chapter 46: Samentha Stirs The Pot

Samentha went to see Thomas, without calling ahead. She had some tough questions to ask him about Nicole. He could be like a scared rabbit, when it came to that woman. Samentha’s mouth twisted with disgust. If there was one thing she couldn’t stand, it was a man with no backbone. He was so afraid of upsetting Nicole, that getting […]

Chapter 46: Jinn Interrogation

Janet and Andrea lost track of how long they had been pressing their weight against the door to Mukesh’s office. They tried pressing their ears against it, but all they could hear was muffled exclamations and curses from Robert and the jinn inside of him rising above the drone of Vincent chanting and Marko’s murmured questions. There were brief moments […]

Chapter 45: Plum Lashes Out

Flame wrote furiously for several pages and then her hand slowed to a stop. I could tell that she was having second thoughts about being so helpful. Her left hand curled into a fist. Plum saw this and dug the fingers of both hands into Flame’s shoulders. A failed attempt to wrench free of the vise-like grip subdued her. When […]

Chapter 45: Hot on a Traitor’s Trail

Unwilling to relinquish his self-appointed role as leader of the group, Robert suddenly became enraged and yelled, “your laundry list of tasks sounds like a bunch of busy work designed to make us feel as though we’re achieving something when all we’re doing is wasting time! I have been in Mukesh’s office a dozen times for meetings. There is nothing […]

Chapter 45: Samentha Comes Out Swinging

Samentha allowed Anitra to drop heavily to the kitchen floor and pulled Anitra’s cellphone from her limp grasp. She skimmed over the text message reply that her friend was in the process of typing to someone named Lamont. She had already sent a message saying that she had one on the hook for him to reel in. What did that […]

Chapter 44: Plum Fights Dirty

Conroy led us down the hall, to my old room which overlooked the backyard.  There was a chair outside the room, to the left of the door.  I assumed that was his post. As soon as the door closed behind him, Plum looked around and removed a mirror from the wall over the dresser.  She walked over to the window, […]

Chapter 44: Time Rifts

The vapor creeping underneath the door appeared to be sentient.  It suddenly expanded and began rolling through the room towards them.  Jagathy, Marko, Andrea and Janet succeeded in waking four warriors and getting them to their feet, before it rolled over them.  Jagathy urged the group to follow him towards the other end of the massive storage space. The vapors […]

Chapter 44: Samentha on a Fact-Finding Mission

Samentha sat in the rental car on the parking lot of the nursing home housing Reverend Mother and quieted her thoughts.  Before proceeding, she wanted to make sure that Harriet hadn’t broken through her mental defenses.  There were certain things she didn’t want Ms. Goody-two-shoes to see.  It always took solid concentration to completely block things from Harriet’s consciousness.  After […]

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