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Fantasy Fiction: Unintended Betrayal-Chapter 55

I tried to warn Plum and only managed a strangled sort of yelp.  It was enough to draw her attention.  She paused in the act of checking her makeup, gazing at me curiously. Her lips were moving, but her words were blotted out by a sudden roaring in my ears.  I rushed at her, dagger poised to strike, before she could fully turn.  Plum dropped a tube of red lipstick and grabbed my wrist, falling back and pinned against the dresser by the forcefulness if my attack. The attached mirror rocked violently and flipped forward, as we fought.

She looked shocked and bewildered.  I still couldn’t hear. Her lips formed the words, “what the fuck Patricia?”  I wanted to explain myself, but the power of speech still escaped me.  It was like an out-of-body experience. I was surprised by the strength in my spindly arms, fueled by the adrenaline coursing through me. 

Still in shock, Plum struggled mightily to force my dagger-wielding hand away from her chest. I threw my weight up onto one foot, attempting to defeat her efforts to resist me and shove it downward, when she suddenly gripped my wrists and charged forward.  Catching me off guard, Plum succeeded in driving me backwards into the wall behind us.

She pounded my wrist against the doorjamb, until I felt a pop and my hand opened involuntarily.  The dagger fell to the carpet and bounced out into the hall.  The sound of footsteps dimly registered, as I attempt to elbow her out of the way. We both dove for the dagger and succeeded only in knocking it further away.

Plum let out a roar if frustration and pulled my hair so hard that my head snapped backwards. I reached up and attempted to free myself, clawing at her hand. I turned over onto my knees and struggled to my feet, still trying to pry her fingers out of my hair. That’s when I felt he dagger sink into my back and quickly sink in up to the hilt. My arms and legs abruptly went limp.

I collapsed onto my stomach. The rest of the coven crowded into the room, their feet coming into my line of sight. I attemoted to reach around behind myself, desperate to pull the dagger out of my back, and felt their hands pin my arms to the floor. Struggling was futile. Rapid blood loss was making me weak.

Want to know something crazy? I was under such a powerful spell that if I had succeeded in pulling that dagger out, then I would have tried to kill Plum, even if I had to crawl after her. The rest of the…incident is kind of a blur of hands and faces, as I bled out and lost consciousness.

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