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Urban Fantasy Fiction: Sage Steps In-Chapter 47

Everyone was drawn into the fight with the flaming jinn, focused on it’s rapidly redoubling efforts to break through the Doorkeeper’s defenses. Unobserved, Sage arose from his sick bed, grabbed a wand from the drawer of his nightstand, retrieved a blown glass globe from a shelf in his office, and laboriously made his way out to join the fray. The others took no notice of him slowly and painfully limping past them, threading his way through the knot of Doorkeepers staring up at the shrieking jinn. Sage had to raise his voice and repeat himself, in order to be heard by the spellweavers erecting the shield.

“Let the jinn go. It won’t harm us.”

Marko opened his eyes and looked incredulously at Sage, “are you crazy? What’s to stop this thing from setting us all on fire?”

“The jinn is not trying to get at you. It’s under an enchantment and its master is calling.”

Weary from their battle with Mukesh and his minions, the group decided to trust Sage. Marko counted to three and they lowered their defenses. The sight of the jinn flying towards them scattered the group, many diving to the floor or running away in a blind panic. Sage raised the wand above his head, his words swallowed up in the commotion, snagging a thread of energy as the jinn passed overhead. He touched the wand tip to the globe, filling it with the flaming strand.

In a flash, the jinn had streaked past and blasted its way through the picture window at the front of the building. Everyone quickly turned away, shielding their faces from the shards of glass blowing back towards them. They slowly came back together, cautiously looking towards the shattered window to reassure themselves that the jinn was gone. Marko approached Sage with hands outstretched.

“Now what do we do Sage? That jinn was our best chance of getting to Jagathy.”

“I agree, he’ll lead us directly to him.”

Sage held up the glowing blown glass globe. Andrea looked from one man to the other, waiting for an explanation.

“Am I missing something? Don’t get me wrong, that little bauble is pretty. I just don’t see how it could lead us to Jagathy.”

“I’ve captured some of his essence here. When released, it will be drawn back to the jinn which has been called back to his master. All we have to do is follow it,” explained Sage patiently.

“Yeah right, did you see how fast that thing rocketed out of here? How the hell would we keep up with it, seeing as how none of us can fly?”

“You’re only partially correct. We cannot fly within the constraints of our physical body.”

“Well, that was clear as mud,” quipped Andrea.

“He’s talking about astral projection,” Marko explained, then suddenly looked over her shoulder and shouted, “hey somebody grab that security guard. Don’t let him leave. He just killed Robert. We have to hold him, until Officer Palin gets here.”

The security guard broke into a sprint, attempting to evade capture by the Doorkeeper warriors at his heels. He stopped and suddenly spun around with the revolver in his hands, waving it from side to side.

“Get back! I didn’t do anything wrong. That man attacked me. You saw that…that thing that came out of him. I had to shoot him!”

Sage waved his wand and the gun suddenly glowed red hot. The security guard screamed and dropped it. He turned to run and two warriors tackled him. Sage took two steps towards them and stumbled, suddenly overcome with exhaustion. Karen and Judy rushed to his side. Sage shook his head and waved them away.

“Thank you ladies, but I’m fine.”

“You should be resting. Let’s get you back to bed. We’ve got everything under control now. I’ll just get you settled in and call Officer Palin,” said Karen soothingly.

“Good idea, get the cops in here to clean up the mess you created bringing that ass clown in here. A man is dead because of you,” snapped Andrea.

Karen shot Andrea a scornful look and turned her back dismissively. Janet grabbed her sister’s arm. Andrea’s eyes were wet with unshed tears. Janet attempted to pull her into a comforting embrace, but Andrea pushed her away roughly and to charge after Karen. Janet grabbed her arm again.

“Andrea, stop it. Stop letting Karen bait you. It’s over now, let it go. Bringing that security guard in here was a mistake, but she was just trying to help. Everyone’s nerves are on edge right now. C’mon, let’s go and get something to eat, before the police get here. We need to have our wits about us. I’m not looking forward to seeing Officer Palin again.”

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