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Supernatural Fiction: Samentha Executes Phase One-Chapter 47

Samentha left Thomas’ apartment and climbed back in her car, lost in thought. He had only been marginally helpful, but then she expected as much. There wasn’t enough time for fact checking, so she hoped what he did share was accurate. Samentha had to move quickly, before he lost his nerve. In order for her plan to work, she need more help from him. He might back out, if she gave him too much time to think about all the things that could go wrong.

She sighed annoyedly. Why did she always have to clean up Reverend Mother’s mess? If Thomas wasn’t such a screw up, then Samentha wouldn’t keep having to get involved. The unfairness of it all was rage inducing. On top of all that, the Rev hadn’t even held up her end of their arrangement. She had promised to set Samentha free, for the last bit of dirty work. Once the deed was done, the Rev reneged because things hadn’t gone exactly to plan. So, Harriet had again taken back the reigns of her consciousness.

How much time was lost, because that conniving woman only let Samentha out, when she needed something? This time would be no different. The Rev would just continue stringing her along. Samentha had half a mind not to help her. No…that wouldn’t work. The Rev would just send her away again for twice as long. Of course, if she died before she could banish her…then Samentha would be free forever. After a few pleasurable moments indulging the fantasy, she sighed resignedly and started the car.

At nightfall, Samentha dressed in all black, donned a crossbody bag containing Lamont’s cellphone and slipped out of the house. She stuck to the shadows along the sidewalk, briskly making her way back to the car a block away. Traffic was light. Twenty minutes later, she parked the car on a rundown residential street and took a mapped out route through backyards. Her trek ended at the rear of the dope hole that Stryker had asked her to monitor. It was Friday night. Samentha knew from Harriet’s reconnaissance that the men in charge of selling at that location liked to cut loose and party on the weekends.

She scaled the fence and crept up to the rear of the house. Samentha peered in through the windows and was gratified to see the men already going hot and heavy with a couple of prostitutes. Samentha took a small pocketknife from her bag and slit the screen over the kitchen window. Their blaring radio helped mask the sound of her forcing open the window open and climbing onto the counter inside. In short order, she located a stash of oxycodone pills hidden in a fake can of powdered cleanser underneath the sink.

Samentha crawled out the same way she entered and crept into the backyard, pausing to pull out Lamont’s phone and using it to send Nicole a text message. She wiped down the phone and dropped it by the rear fence, before climbing over and sprinting back to her car. Samentha needed to get the pills to Thomas quiclky, so that he could hide them in Nicole’s house.

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